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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

You're the Mentor!. My Mentor!

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera.....

This sharing will be my first entry of 2011. Today is the 11th and when we put it in a date, it is to be 11.01.11 (I've cut-off the 20s). What is so significant of this 11.01.11 to me?. Frankly, it is nothing to me. Nothing at all as the routine remain the same. The good thing happened today when I could wake early in the morning completely done with the simple and healthy so called breakfast (plain wo-erh always the best with plain gardenia!).

Wo-Erh' (water) - Ian Wright Traveller (aku selalu teringat pasal Ian ni kalau tengok Globe Trekker, his British damn chunky!). Oh, I won't story about Ian :)

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Since I'm at pace of time, I don't chase anything!. How to start uh?, I wasted all the day time by reading those stupid controversy of entertainment thingy!, but trust me it possessed you to keep reading by one click to another click. In the end you get for nothing!. I need to actually mastering at engineering, management and economics arena. Just to put myself at the standard of my mentor. I know that my mentor less-knowing about the engineering thingy but the more you know, banyak lagi benda yang we just don't know. It's common guys!. I'm thanking you my mentor as of up to this second, you keep inspiring me with you continuity of your triumphant. Thanks a lot!

Ok, here I begin. It is important to realize that success is success and failure is failure in any and every endeavor of life. It is easy to get caught up in the notion that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence (Opss, grass on the side of my fence, it's all tiles!). I'm serious, this type of thinking tells us that "If I would just switch the jobs, switch the careers, move to a different city...and I would be successful". Is it?. I did, I just did and to share the thing, the plans are not running as we were planned. It's ok!. I broaden the patience in me and at the same time, please don't you ever giving up!. "Wan, I was in this situation before, trust me then!" - My mentor.

While my mentor is the big advocate of pursuing my passion and would be the first to tell me to make a change if it involves pursuing my passion, there are times when the other path seems more inviting. Even when I'm on my life's course pursuing my destiny, there will be times that I deal with frustrating issues and difficulties situations. At these times, it is important to avoid jumping off the right track and moving onto insignificant and irrelevant tangent. Yes, I am the one!. Today (few hours ago), my eyes immovably to the one of my closest friends shout out in MukaBuku - kind of "boring sudah di sini, need to move". Hey buddy, make a move then. Are you afraid of failure? or what?, pvt me if you need my opinion. Those people who are successful in every area of life enjoy a wonderful existence. Those people who are failing suffer a miserable existence no matter what course they are pursuing. Trust me, there is no good place to fail or bad place to succeed.

I have an acquaintance who has changed careers after five years and now might be after the ten years of service (insya-Allah) throughout the adult's life. Am I talking about my mentor again?. Oh yes!. It's not because my mentor is seeking his ultimate destiny but instead my mentor looking for an easier course. Be it success, money, or happiness. Correct me if I was wrong analyzed bout your hopping. Frankly, I have never found nor spoken with anyone who has found the easy road to getting everything wanted out of life. Success is not easy, nor is it immediate, but it is worth working and waiting for. Yes, I am now waiting and keep waiting patiently!.

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Now, I want to share something that is very inspirational to me.

To work out of life. If you are seeking to reach a certain elevation in your life and you begin climbing the mountain before you, when it gets rough and steep, is it tempting to look across the valley at what appears to be the nice, gentle incline of another mountain. Those who abandon their current mountain, journey through the valley, and begin climbing the opposite peak will discover steep and rocky paths up mountain as well. It is ironic, because when they look back across the valley to the peak where they began their climb, it will appear to be smooth, easy, unencumbered climb to the top - Jim Stoval

That is all friends, be resolved to stay the course through the difficult times, and before you know it you will be standing on the summit!. To my mentor, thanks for everything!. Most and more!. I have mentor and I think we should have a mentor. At least....


Amir Rayyan said...

best entry ini....u r my mentor abg dayat...:)

Mr Final said...

u r my Senpai~ =) huhu~

p/s: bila bace tajuk igtkan masuk Mentor & Protege kak pah .. heee

Otit said...

great writing! keep inspiring!

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